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Ready to break the cycle of stress & squabbles & foster a stronger connection with your kids?

Introducing S.O.C.K. Talk, a game-changing course created by a veteran classroom teacher who knows the ins & outs of human development & the science of how young minds learn.

This isn't just another parenting course; it's your secret weapon to transform your relationship with your kids.

The Calm Collection

I am absolutely thrilled...

...with my purchase. There are so many cards, they are high quality, & the content is amazing. Love them!!
purchased The Breathing Deck

Beautiful set!

I'm glad I had them printed in full color. I have a habit of losing things so I'm happy these were available in a digital download so if a card is ever damaged or lost I can make a new one fairly easily.
purchased The Calm Kid Bundle

An excellent resource...

Loaded easily, printed beautifully. Easy to use and a great price.
purchased SIMPLIFY: The Ultimate Teacher Binder

About Me

Hi, I'm Katie Plunkett, M.A.T.

I am an author, speaker, & full-time classroom teacher in Los Angeles, CA with a passion for social-emotional learning & whole child teaching.

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