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About Me

Hello & welcome! I'm thrilled to have you join me on this journey to enhance your communication skills & connection with your kids.

I am a full-time classroom teacher in Los Angeles, California with experience in diverse K-12 settings. I've taught 1st-3rd grades as well as 6th-8th, & I also gained valuable experience in kindergarten & high school classrooms while substituting & student teaching. I hold clear credentials in Multiple Subjects (TK-6) & Social Sciences (7-12) as well as a Masters in Teaching with an emphasis in human development from Pepperdine University.


I'm a proud veteran educator, passionate about child development & a firm believer in the power of social-emotional learning. As a self-proclaimed human development nerd, I find joy in exploring the intricacies of how young minds grow & learn.


Currently, I'm also working on a book about communication with Teacher Goals Publishing, driven by my commitment to improving teacher-child & parent-child dynamics.


I'm so excited to share my knowledge & insights with you. Thank you for being here ❤️

Katie Plunkett, M.A.T.

Founder & Owner of Kid Talk

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